15+ Made In India Soap you can use it

These “Made In India” Soap in Indian Market you can use.

In this article we are going to know about Some Foreign and Indian Soap Products. There are lots of Foreign Brand in the indian market and also there are lots of “Made in India” Brands in the market too.

There are many Indian brands that are in competition with these foreign companies. But during this pandemic, we need to buy Made in India products. That can help strengthen our country’s economic

First of all, we will know about some foreign products, then we will know about their alternative some Indian made in India products.

foreign soaps company

Foreign Soaps Company :-

Dettol – Dettol is a London(UK) Based company which is owned by “Reckitt Benckiser”. we are using it most in this pandemic time.

Lifebuoy – Lifebuoy is Manufactured by “Hindustan Unilever” Based in Mumbai but it’s Parent company is “Unilever” which is based in London (UK).

Lux Soap – Lux Soap is also manufactured By parent Company “Unilever”.

Pears¬†Soap – Pears Soap is Manufactured by “Andrew pears”. it is London Based Company.

NIVEA – Nivea Soap is a “Germany” based company and Manufactured by “German Personal Care Brand”.

AXE – Axe soap is also manufactured by “Unilever” based in Lodon.

Hamam and Liril – “Hamam and Liril soap” which is also manufactured by “Hindustan Unilever” but it is not fully Made In India.

Dove – Dove Soap this is also a US unilever products which are available in Indian Market.

Now Lets, Know about which Soap is “Made In India”.

Indian soaps brand Bhartiya soap company list

Indian Soaps Brands :-

1.Cinthol – Cinthol Soap is manufactured by “Godrej” it is an Indian Company, Whose headquarter is in Mumbai.

2.Medimix – Medimix Soap is Manufactured by “AVA group” The headquarter of this company is in “Chennai”.

3.Park Avenue – Park Avenue Soap Is Owned by “Raymond India”. the headquarter of this company is in Mumbai.

4.Biotique Soap – Biotique Soap is an Indian Company The headquarter of this company is in Noida. in my recommendation “biotique orange peel soap” you should try it atleast once.

5.Margo – Margo Soap is manufactured by “Calcutta Chemical Co.” Situated in Kolkata.

6.Patanjali Soap – Patanjali Soap is Made in India you also know about it. their all soap are not good few soaps are much better than so called brand soap. like Aloevera soap, Neem soap, Multani mitti soap, Haldi Chandan soap.these are best soap in the market which you can buy.

7.Himalaya Soap – Himalaya Soaps is also a product of indian company “Himalaya”. it is situated in Karnataka India. Himalaya products are ayurvedic if you are Indian You know better. So don’t get hesitate to buying Himalaya Products.these are one of the best i recommend.

8.Godrej Soap – Godrej No.1 Soap is manufactured by “Godrej”.the headquarter is in “Mumbai”. You might be shocked by knowing that Godrej is Heighest soap producer in india and leading soap industry.

9.Venus Soap – Venus Soap is owned by Ghadi industries which is based in “Kanpur India”.this soap is good you can go for it.

10.Wild Stone – Wild Stone soap is manufactured in India and Based in “Kolkata India”.Yes it is an Indian Company, it is also compete axe.So you can buy this product also which is a much better alternative of “Axe Soaps”.

There are also few Soaps which you can use instead of those so called Brand Soaps.

Thank you for reading this article.if you find any error inform me in the comment box.

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